Which color service is right for me? I get asked this all the time! Let's break it down:)

Need grey coverage?

Root Touch-up (usually about every 4-6 weeks). Choose Root Touch-up PLUS Gloss for an all over color if you need shine and refreshing or neutralizing. Some people prefer to get this every time but you could also just add the gloss every other time, depending on how often you come in. If you're getting highlights and you need grey coverage, be sure to choose Highlights plus Base.

All the highlights....

If you're looking for traditional foil packed Highlights, you know what to choose! Though, remember to choose Plus Base, if we're bumping up you natural root color or you need grey coverage. Highlights are usually about every 8 weeks.

Looking for Ombré, Melting, Beachy, Tortoiseshell, Lived-In Color? 

Choose Highlights plus Base/Balayage. Balayage is here to stay! We love it! It's usually mixed with a few foil packed baby lights on top and around the front. You can go longer in between highlight services with Balayage since it grows out gorgeously. Usually about ever 3 months. You'll want to come in once in between for a Gloss, both for shine and neutralizing any brassiness.

And if you just want a nice little refresher, you can always get a Gloss...as often as you like. I usually get one about once a month. It neutralizes any brassiness, gives a smooth shiny look and definitely gives me that pick-me-up I need!

As far as Haircuts go, for women we usually recommend every 6-8 weeks. For men, every 4-6 weeks.

Hope this helps! Feel free to email me with any questions. See you soon!

XO Laurel